Dark Cloud Candlestick

bearish reversal candlestick

At certain points in the chart such as resistance level, a moving average, or even a Fibonacci level, price will, if the trend stays intact, resume back to the downside. When going short, traders enter the trade at the close of the bearish candle. A stop-loss is placed near the high from the Dark Cloud Cover. The close of the bearish candle suggests exiting long positions.

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However, what is soon revealed, is that the positive gap depleted the market of its last share of buying power. If the volume is high on both days, the reversal is more likely to occur. Michael Logan is an experienced writer, producer, and editorial leader. As a journalist, he has extensively covered business and tech news in the U.S. and Asia. He has produced multimedia content that has garnered billions of views worldwide. The Structured Query Language comprises several different data types that allow it to store different types of information…

Bearish Engulfing vs. Dark Cloud Cover

It depends on where it appears on the price chart in relation to the pivot points, trend lines, and support and resistance lines. This pattern at or near a trend line or a resistance line can be used to confirm that the test of the trend line will fail. The high point of the dark cloud cover pattern can also serve as a resistance line. The most important of which is that a bearish engulfing pattern is a two candle formation wherein the second candle completely engulfs the body of the first candle. Contrary to that, the second candle within the dark cloud cover pattern is only required to close below the center point of the body of the first candle.


A dark cloud cover pattern consists of two candlesticks that form near resistance levels where the 2nd candle covers half or part of the 1st candle. Typically, when the 2nd candle forms, it can’t hold above the first candle and causes a failure. There are two candlesticks in this stock price phenomenon, but the down candle comes first, followed by the up candle. This is again a trend reversal, but this is a bullish reversal and shows an increase in stock prices.

How to use Dark Cloud Cover

Since the trade is a probable start of an extended downtrend, one can set several target levels. After the new high, the market is expected to close lower than the bullish candle’s midway point. However, if you see that the bearish candle forms on a day that’s normally very bullish, you could perhaps be a little more certain when acting on the signal. The daily charts are where the dark cloud shines brightest, and the pattern’s validity is known to be less substantial in lower time frames. The pattern is also applicable while trading asset derivatives contracts like options and for swing trading.

Spread bets and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 64% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how spread bets and CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. On the other hand, you can go for a more comprehensive approach that combines volatility with channels and candlesticks.

How does the Dark Cloud Cover pattern look in real life?

A https://forexhistory.info/r may also look for a breakdown from an important level of support after a dark cloud cover pattern as an indication that a downtrend may be on the way. Due to the extreme liquidity in the Forex market, a gap up is not likely, although if it occurs, it is a very strong bearish signal. You will see an uptrend before a dark cloud cover pattern is formed. This means that now you can get to see reversal in the market. Dark Cloud Cover Candlestick PatternYou will see an uptrend before a dark cloud cover pattern is formed.

  • Switch the View to “Weekly” to see symbols where the pattern will appear on a Weekly chart.
  • Traders would then establish a downside profit target, or continue to trail their stop loss down if the price continues to fall.
  • The bearish candle opens above the close of the bullish candle and closes below the middle of the bullish candle.
  • The three black crows is a 3-bar bearish reversal patternThe pattern consists of 3 bearish candles opening above the…
  • Using a reliable, profitable trading system can help you qualify the best candlestick signals to take.

When there is a bullish trend going on in the stock market, then you get to see a bullish candlestick. On the second day also the gap up is opened according to the market trend. The next day’s bearish candle moves to the bottom of more than half of the previous day’s bullish candle and closes below. The dark cloud cover pattern works best when it appears at the end of a bullish trend. In which the previous day’s candle is a bullish candle stick pattern and the next day’s candle is a bearish candle.

The bearish reversal means that the price was initially moving upward but changed direction and started falling. The Dark Cloud Cover pattern is used by many traders to spot reversals in the market and achieve favorable risk to reward ratios. The dark cloud cover is also often confused with the piercing pattern. As shown below, the piercing pattern starts with a big bearish candle and is then followed by a bullish candlestick.

  • Also, the bullish piercing and dark cloud cover patterns are fairly common, providing candlestick traders with plenty of opportunities to test their skills and earn a profit.
  • The following candle, White Spinning Top, cancels the Dark Cloud Cover pattern (closing price above the pattern’s second line).
  • Candlestick trading is a part of technical analysis and success rate may vary depending upon the type of stock selected and the overall market conditions.
  • The strategy will seek to capture a high likelihood bearish reversal point in the context of an uptrending market condition.
  • He has produced multimedia content that has garnered billions of views worldwide.

Here we use the RSI indicator to define when the market is in an uptrend and a dark cloud cover is worth taking. However, if we see that the candle ranges diminish as the uptrend gets older, we could assume that the market is soon going to turn around. As such, we might decide to act on a dark cloud cover in that case. By using volume we get a sense for how many market participants that contributed to forming the pattern.

Bearish Piercing Line

This senhttps://forexanalytics.info/nt is also fueled by the gap up that occurs following the first candle within this formation. Additionally, the best dark cloud cover pattern formations tend to occur after a prolonged price move to the upside. In these cases, they tend to provide an excellent reversal signal that can lead to a minor retracement within the trend, or result in a complete trend reversal.

MintGenie Explains: Five bearish candle patterns in the stock market Mint – Mint

MintGenie Explains: Five bearish candle patterns in the stock market Mint.

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The dark cloud cover is a two-bar bearish reversal Japanese candlestick pattern that is best traded using a mean reversion strategy according to extensive backtesting. Trading candlesticks like the dark cloud cover needs strict discipline and emotion-free trading. Candlestick trading is a part of technical analysis and success rate may vary depending upon the type of stock selected and the overall market conditions. Use of proper stop-loss, profit level and capital management is advised. Our second entry example shows another instance where a dark cloud cover forex pattern appeared that also led to a strong reversal.

Similar to the https://day-trading.info/ action trading strategies that we have discussed in previous articles, the dark cloud cover is a useful trading tool that assists traders in analyzing the market. For example, if a dark cloud cover forms on a day you know has bearish tendencies, you might want to be careful with acting on the pattern. The bearish candle could very well have been amplified by the bearish tendency of that day to a degree where it accidentally formed the dark cloud cover pattern. Dark Cloud CoverAs said, the dark cloud cover is a bearish reversal pattern that occurs at the top of, or after an uptrend. Public opinion on trading cryptocurrencies periodically shifts from being a subtle art form to sheer luck. As intangible as they seem, trends are very real, and identifying them is immensely profitable.

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Failure to match all the specific conditions may lead to acting on a false signal and consequently leading to losses. The greater the penetration of the second day’s bearish candlestick into the price levels of the first day’s bullish candlestick, the “greater the chance for a top”. Note how volume showed a clear increase during the formation of the second red reversal candlestick of the pattern.

It includes a column that indicates whether the same candle pattern is detected using weekly data. Candle patterns that appear on the Intradaay page and the Weekly page are stronger indicators of the candlestick pattern. A harami cross is a candlestick pattern that consists of a large candlestick followed by a doji. Traders may use the Dark Cloud Cover pattern in conjunction with other forms of technical analysis.

Dark cloud candle patterns occurring near the top of consolidation ranges can be useful as well, however, there are not nearly as powerful as when they occur after an uptrend. During the initial uptrend prior to the formation of the dark cloud cover patter, the bulls were driving the market and had advantage over the bears . This results in formation of the uptrend comprising of several green-colored candles. It is after this a red-colored candle appears with suitable length and placement which completes the dark cloud cover.